Fantasyji Mascot
Fantasyji Mascot

What is Fantasyji?

FantasyJi is a one of its kind platform for playing fantasy cricket by allowing the users to personally feel the experience of owning squads and players instead of competing with the masses.

It follows the concept of drafting individual players by the mediums of auction, snake & autopick (a uniquely designed user experience to pick players).

What makes us different?

  • Get the experience of actually becoming a team owner in the virtual world
  • Uniquely designed drafting formats to make the player picking experience awesome
  • Play at your convenience by scheduling a draft date & time
  • No need to make changes daily! Saves time and effort
  • Live picking of players gives 100% transparency of the teams formed

What is Drafting?

Drafting is the process by which the users can form their teams and compete against other users (Friends or Random).No same player is there in two teams. E.g. if a player is drafted by a team, then no other team will have him.

This gives the sense of ownership of the player and the experience gives a feeling of actually owning a franchise. FantasyJi provides three types of drafting methods as shown below:



The players appear one by one on the screen and each team starts the auction process to bid for that player. The highest bidder gets that player in their team.



One by one the users get to choose any player of their choice in an order randomly decided by the system.